Commercial Carpet Cleaning and Shampooing Service

Carpets that are professionally deep cleaned are considerably softer, brighter and smell much cleaner than those that are just vacuumed on a regular basis. As a matter of fact, deep cleaning and shampooing can help bring life back to older carpets and make them look new again, saving you money. 

We Use Professional Products And Equipment

In order for carpet cleaning and carpet shampooing services to provide the best results, the right equipment and cleaners have to be used. This is why professional carpet cleaners can get a much better result over do it yourself cleaning. The professional carpet cleaners and shampooers at Metro Building Maintenance have the equipment, supplies and experience to ensure that your carpet is cleaned right, that stains are removed, and that your carpet fibers are refreshed rather than damaged. We will always spot test our cleaning methods prior to cleaning your carpet to ensure we don’t damage your carpets. 

Carpet Cleaning & Carpet Shampooing Services Pays Off In The Long Run

Professional carpet cleaning will help you extend the life of your carpet, which saves you money by keeping you from having to replace your carpets. Plus, clean carpets make a great impression on your guests. 

We recommend that you have your carpets deep cleaned and shampooed at least once per year, twice if you experience a lot of foot traffic. We also recommend regular spot cleaning to help keep stains at bay. These carpet care steps should be used in addition to regular vacuuming and maintenance in order to keep your carpets looking great. 

If you are interested in having Metro Building Maintenance provide you with a carpet cleaning quote, please contact us today and we will provide you with a custom pricing guide as well as a listing of services that you may be interested in.