Cleaning for Clinics, Hospitals and Pharmaceutical

Metro Building Maintenance is a proud provider of professional janitorial services for companies in the Medical and Pharmaceutical industries. We understand the importance and sensitivity of pharmaceutical cleaning in a controlled environment where contamination can lead to expensive downtime and increase production costs, or even negatively affect the end result of your product.

Our specialized cleaning services are essential to maintaining airborne particles below the specified limits inside clean rooms and clean zones, as well as preventing these contaminants from entering the cleanroom environments; we follow strict rules and procedures to prevent contamination entering the clean zones as well as strict procedures for cleaning the controlled environments.

We will only use equipment and supplies that are specific for cleanroom environments (unless customers have their own approved supplies list), our specialized cleaning personnel have been trained on how to properly clean these environments, in regulations and standard practices that are specific to cleanroom environments, as well as in specific logs, checklists and records that might be required by your quality system.

For more information about our cleaning service for Pharmaceutical and medical facilities, call us today at 336-674-8555 or 336-317-9040 (cell), or contact us online to receive a no-obligation estimate.